board of directors

Mr Zhang Muyi


Director and President of Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited (Nonfemet),
Master degree, EMBA, professorial senior engineer, enjoying government subsidy of the state council.

Mr Zhang Muyi

Mr. Zhang has more than 30 years of experience in the non-ferrous metal industry. He has been engaged in many positions, from production management to the operation of listed companies. Since December 2018, he has served as the director and President of Nonfemet. He pays great attention to technological innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development, and has rich experience in mining resource development, mining enterprise management and capital operation of listed companies. After taking the position of President of Nonfemet, he had clarified the enterprise development strategy and direction, led Nonfemet to make positive progress in production and operation, enterprise management, comprehensive utilization of resources, coordinated development of enterprises and capital operation of listed companies, and promoted the high-quality development of Nonfemet. During December 2013 to December 2018, he severed as the Director and President of Raising Nonferrous Metals Company Limited. Through implementation of overall financial budget management and delicacy management, he has turned the position of the company into positive gains. During his tenure, he had finished two rounds of private placement for the shares of the company, optimized the structure of the assets, reduced the debt asset ratio, advanced the resource exploration work, and significantly increased the resource of rare earths and tungsten held by the company, which increased the value of the company. From 2011 to 2013, when he has served as Vice President of Nonfemet he organized the resumption of production of the second system of Shaoguan smelter efficiently, handled the relationship with the local area, and effectively promoted the local economic construction. During 2006 to 2011, Mr Zhang was the General Manager of Fankou Mine, which was the largest single-deposit Lead-Zinc-Silver mine in Asia. He led many technical innovation projects. He started the project of prospecting in the surrounding and deep areas of Fankou mining area, which greatly increased the reserves of mineral resources of Fankou lead-zinc mine; he also started the underground curtain grouting project, which recorded a 75% effective interception volume, and greatly reducing the underground drainage cost; He encouraged to use the stope smooth blasting technology and the new mechanized mining technology. The development and application of the new technology of bottomless pillar deep hole mining method has greatly increased the mining production capacity, realized the “Mechanization and automation" in Fankou Mine, which helped the production of the mine to reached 180,000 tons of lead and zinc metal successfully, and realized the high and stable production, and high profit. Meanwhile, he also focused on the sustainable development and advocates the construction of green mine, making Fankou lead and zinc mine a benchmark enterprise in the domestic non-ferrous mining industry. Mr Zhang joined the Perilya Limited board as Non-Executive Chairman on 10 October 2019.

Paul Arndt

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

BSc, MSc, Grad Dip Engineering




Paul Arndt was appointed as Executive General Manager of Operations and Development in February 2008 and subsequently appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Perilya on 25 November 2008 following approval at the Perilya AGM.

Skills, experience and expertise:

Paul Arndt was initially appointed as Executive General Manager Operations to oversee performance improvements at the Broken Hill Operation.  During Paul's time with Perilya he has been instrumental in delivering almost a doubling in productivity as well as significant reductions in direct operating costs at the Broken Hill Operation.  

Paul brings a range of skills and qualities well suited to the role, including a steadfast and disciplined approach to addressing key business drivers. Paul brings a wealth of mining experience and skills in the areas of strategy, commercialisation, people and project management.

Former roles include senior general management positions with Newcrest Mining Limited at their Telfer operation in Western Australia, Pasminco Limited's Cockle Creek smelter in Boolaroo (NSW), and MIM Holdings Limited's Britannia zinc and lead operation in Avonmouth (UK).

Perilya Board committee membership and special responsibilities: 

Managing Director
Member of the Contract Committee

Other current directorships:

Myanmar Metals, Panaust

Former directorships over the past three years: Nil

Mr Jinhua Zheng
Non-Executice Director

Vice President and General Manager of trade division of Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited (Nonfemet).
Master Degree of Business Administration, senior engineer.

Mr Jinhua Zheng

Since 1989, he has served successively as technician, engineer, deputy director of zinc rectification plant, deputy manager of sales office, deputy manager of Shaoguan smelter, GM of marketing center of Nonfemet, GM of Shaoguan smelter, President Assistant and General Manager of trade division. Under the leadership of Mr. Zheng, Nonfemet has established and improved the standard marketing trade process and procedures, improved the safety and reliability of the company's marketing work, effectively prevented and controlled the market and other risks, and improved the efficiency of the company's marketing work. At the same time, with his rich experience in the non-ferrous metal market, he led the Nonfemet marketing team to judge the market opportunities accurately, which enabled Nonfemet to achieve good performance in the complex and rapid-changing market environment. Prior to the position of Vice President and GM of trade division, Mr. Zheng served in many important positions, such as deputy manager, GM of sales office of Shaoguan smelter, GM of Marketing Center, GM of Shaoguan Smelter, GM of Marketing Division of Nonfemet. Nearly three decades of smelter management and marketing management experience, made him a wealth of experience and unique insights on the non-ferrous metals market development trend, current and future management, also built up his strong ability of analysis and judgment, which led to major contribution to the development of the trading system of Nonfemet. Mr Zheng was appointed Non-Executive Director of Perilya Limited on 10 October 2019.

Eric Zeng

MA Accounting and Finance, FCCA
General Manager Finance and Commercial

Executive Director


Eric Zeng was appointed as Perilya's General Manager Finance and Commercial in July of 2016 and Executive Director of Perilya on 9th May 2018.  Eric is a fellow charted certified accountant and he started his career in assurance with one of the big 4 firms, which offered him a diverse career working with a wide range of businesses and industries.

Prior to joining Perilya in 2013, Eric was the deputy general manager of securities department of Zhongjin Lingnan, with duties including regulatory compliance with Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing rules and active communication with CSRC.  He also had exposure on Singapore listing rules when he worked for a Singapore Exchange listed company as an acting deputy CFO.

Eric has around 20 years of audit, accounting, financing, stock exchange corporate governance, and commercial experience.

Dr Qun Yang
Non-Executive Director

Executive Chairman of PanAust

PhD (Economics)

Dr Qun Yang holds a doctorate in economics from the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in China and has over 20 years' experience dealing with international exchange and external affairs in a university environment. Since 2011, Dr Qun Yang has held the roles of Deputy General Manager and General Manager with Shenzhen Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited (Nonfemet) overseeing corporate culture and human resources for the Company and its subsidiaries (including overseas entities). He was the Assistant President for Nonfemet. Dr Qun Yang has extensive experience in the non-ferrous metals industry and is familiar with corporate governance practices, and mergers and acquisition processes for state-owned enterprises and state-owned listed companies in China. Dr Qun Yang was appointed as a Director of PanAust Limited on 26 September 2017 and elected Chairman on 27 August 2018, and appointed Executive Chairman on 15 January 2019. Dr Qun Yang was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Perilya Limited on 10 October 2019.