Health and Safety

The health, safety and wellbeing of Perilya’s people, contractors, suppliers, visitors and host communities is a key value for the company.

guiding principles

  • No task is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • We stop unsafe work or any activity that may result in non-compliance, even if it halts production.
  • We identify and assess hazards and manage risks in the workplace.
  • We care for each other and the environment.  And we encourage safe and environmentally responsible behaviour in others.
  • We take responsibility for health, safety and the environment and our responsibilities are clearly described in role descriptions.
  • Leaders encourage safe and environmentally responsible behaviours and provide consequences for acting unsafely or for non-compliance.
  • Efective HSE leadership is a performance requirement and a pre-requisite for promotion.
  • Compliance with standards and procedures is required.
  • Excellence in HSE is recognised as good business and capability building is key to our success
  • Safety, health and environmental performance can always improve.

Perilya continues to follow a strategy of focusing on providing visible leadership, encouraging responsible behaviours and empowering individual responsibility for health and safety.

visible leadership

All of Perilya’s leaders are required to develop a personal safety plan outlining their contribution to improving the company’s health and safety performance.

systems and controls

Perilya’s safety management system is being re-designed to be consistent with the Australian/New Zealand Standard 4801 for safety management.  The standard provides a solid framework to guide all aspects of safety management at Perilya’s operations, including the occupational health and safety charter and statements; departmental safety management plans; inductions and site security policy.

Perilya’s systems are regularly reviewed and submitted for internal and external audit to ensure continuing compliance.

behaviour and awareness

Perilya’s philosophy is that all personnel share the responsibility for a safe workplace.

A range of occupational health programs are in place to monitor the wellbeing of employees. 

Perilya’s fitness for work policy is designed to further promote wellbeing and a safe workplace by addressing drug, alcohol and fatigue related issues.

Perilya’s safety performance is closely and carefully monitored.

emergency response

In line with mining industry requirements and best practice, Perilya has in place emergency response teams that can be activated in the event of a crisis situation and can provide support to the wider community if required.

The company’s emergency response training is nationally accredited and the teams have state of the art equipment to draw upon in a crisis situation.