Broken Hill Potosi

The Potosi project, located approximately two kilometres north of the existing North Mine at Broken Hill, currently contains a mineral resource of 1.6 million tonnes at 13.0 per cent zinc, 3.1 per cent lead and 43.1 g/t silver.

The mineral resource includes two mining zones – Potosi North and Potosi Extended, and these represent approximately 50 per cent of the targeted mineralised zones along strike.


The Potosi resource comprises several narrow, ribbon like lenses that can be traced almost continuously from near the base of the Potosi Pit to north of the Flying Doctor deposit.  The mineralisation is typically high grade mainly zinc lodes with lesser lead lodes. 

The mineralisation displays characteristics of being stratiform and structurally emplaced. The mineralised lodes are typically high grade with a very sharp contact with essentially no halo of low grade mineralisation.


Construction of the Potosi exploration decline to access high grade material commenced in January 2007.

The Potosi exploration decline had advanced to more than 1,300 metres beyond the portal entrance by the end of the September 2008 quarter before the mine was placed on care and maintenance.